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Information Graveyard?

Friday, September 16th, 2005


I haven’t bought an album in almost 2 years. Fortunately after listening to the new DJ Muggs vs GZA advance I’m beginning to have a reason to support an artist. The real point I’m raising is that yes, I pirate heavily. I haven’t bought software this century. Consequently I have hard disk space that is always being consumed. Unfortunately the day will come when your hard drive fails and you lose everything. Besides personal files that are irreplacable, almost every mp3 and program one has is “backed up” on the net. I find this really amazing. Basically most of my AIM contacts that I have built up over the years via forums have the same music tastes as me and we swap files regularly. This is the unintentional “back up” that is occuring.

Think about this on a larger scale. You have a system were if one fails the others compensate. No, I’m not talking about capitalism…The internet is still relatively small compared to what it could be if Comcast and Verizon didn’t have there own agendas. Imagine an internet that is so ubiquitous, so omnipresent that the idea that everyone has to have their own personal computer is thrown out the window. All that matter really are your own unique files such as written reports, personally composed music, tax data, etc. Everything else should be seen as a commodity. Applications and MP3 are widespread already.

I should be able to go to any computer in the world, log on and have the desktop be my own familiar custom entity. In this age of materialism people thing individually too much when it computers to technology. I don’t need my own personal Dell Laptop or my own Ipod that has some sentimental value to it. All that matters is the information!

A metaphor that just occured to me is that the material hardware can me seen as the body and the software/files is the soul. This should apply since people are comfortable with the idea of only one soul but many bodies.

It would seem these scenario would be the next logical step in the internet. Once every piece of autonomous and non-autonomous hardware can have it’s own ip address the data will just flow. The internet will finally be able to reach its potential true potential!

Right now most peopel just use the internet for trivial things in all honesty. They aren’t really helping society as a whole. I’m not saying it’s anyones obligation though. There is just some much that can be done if. Imagine if every CPU in every piece of hardware was being utilized when normally in idle states. The internet allows this is small versions such as the SETI project, but a worldwide collective processing could have unthinkable possiblities!

Perhaps I’ve been watching to much anime and secretly want the world to look like a scene out of Ghost In The Shell. But hey when there’s a will, there’s a way…..OKAY?

2005 Predictions*

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
  • Television and PC convergence
  • I don’t watch tv, however I help pay a cable bill for my couch potato roommates. I guess the main reason is that the internet has so much to offer; it actually challenges me and makes me think. Moreover I get shit on demand. If I want to view the latest episode of Samurai Champloo (only broadcasted in Japan) I go and download the torrent, soon there after I’m viewing it, commercial free and fan dubbed.

  • Social Anxiety From Online Communities
  • Some of my entries in this blog have already put me in a hot water with some acquaintances. Expect people to be living through there online life a little too much. It won’t surprise me to see as a Yahoo headline “Teen kills 2 classmates over Blog entry”.

  • More Celeb Sex Tapes
  • My boy passed me this digusting porno video of former “wrestler” Chyna with some other washed up “wrestler”. I peeped it out of pure curiousity only to be scarred for life. The video attempts to a “stolen home video” but was obviously made for mass production. Why do thes people do such stupid things? I guess just to extend there 15 minutes of fame. The bright side of these things is that the public forgets really quickly. Uou can do release a tape “randomly” right after your latest film/album bombs to divert attention from your failure. Expect a Britney or Timberlake tape in the future.

  • Online Buzz
  • I still haven’t figured out how this works. By the time you’ve been hit it’s too late. As people emigrate more and more to the net, it becomes more revelant and acceptable. Online buzz has turned a former daytime talk show contestant into a West Coast thug (multi platinum) rapper. I’m talking about Game. Dude came out of nowhere with no single before “How We Do”. Mixtape appearences that were downloaded by hip hop listeners boosted Game’s buzz. Moreover word of mouth with movies like Napoleon Dynamite that proved very effective. For our generation, businesses know that the net is the best way to get us. If everyone is talking about it, it MUST be worth you’re time, right?

    *I actually wrote this over a month ago but like the majority of my entries, I didn’t publish it.

    Can It Be That Is Was All So Simple?

    Friday, January 7th, 2005

    This past month I was cleaning up a storage closet at my Father’s house and come across some interesting nostalgia. Though mostly video games and softcore images, it was a stark reminder of the previous decade.