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2005’s Best and Worst Hip Hop Albums

Friday, January 6th, 2006

The Shortlist:

Beanie Sigel – The B. Coming

Though not the most amazing, Beanie brought consistency through this very solid effort. Stand out tracks include the Just Blaze produced “Bread and Butter” along with the bangin “Flatline” feature Peedi Crakk.

DJ Muggs vs GZA – Grandmasters

As predicted GZA and Muggs did not disappoint. Though sort of a throwback early 90’s themed album, you can’t deny strong lyrics over familiar drum breaks.

Young Jeezy – Thug Motivation 101

I had never heard of Jeezy until a few months ago. Even then I still didn’t get it. It wasn’t until the 2nd time I d/led the album that it grew on me. Thug Motivation is the best album from the South since Stankonia. To understand Jeezy you got take a paradigm shift into the life of a motivated crack dealer. Sure he isn’t the most lyrical, or posesses the most diverse flow but he does the best with what he has. Catchy lyrics and great beats equal quality music. That’s music is what this is about.

Slim Thug – Already Platinum

When you get a bunch of production from the Neptunes your album has to be listenable. Surprisingly I’m respecting southern music for the music (not necessary lyrics) more and more.

The Game – The Documentary

“How We Do (Fresh 83′)” Has to be one of the best singles in years. The album was surprisingly consistent. The production was very professional courtesy of Dr. Dre executive producing it. My only problem was Game and his Tourettes’ like name dropping.



Friday, December 30th, 2005

End of the year huh? I really don’t live me life by years. This is just another week. I’m moving for the 3rd time in the past 6 months. This time further North to Seattle. I guess the grad motivation actually worked and I got a job. Thank You Jeezy. Now i can get the big bucks right?

I just upgraded to Wordpress 2.0 and so far I have to say I don’t like it. The admin menu is ugly as hell. They should have stuck with the previous CSS. That brings me to me next endeavour. Intellectual Beasts, a collobrative blog that you can expect 1st quarter 2006.

I hope to be able to release some tracks from the long awaited Indie Project featuring a handfull of MC’s I’ve been working with for years. About 10 tracks have been recorded but most still need polishing. I may release a track or 2 in the coming month. Here is a snippet (save target or link as) of an unmixed track that was recorded about a month ago.

BTW Cake-o-holic is a neologism that Dame Dash invented to refer to himself. In his words it means “being addicted to getting money”. This is still no excuse for these old man glasses he is wearing at the tender age of 34!

Dame Dash

Coming soon as well should be my annual Best and Worst of 2006 in Hip Hop. Maybe some New Years pics as well.

Dec 30

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Most Anticipated Albums of 2006

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Pharrell - In My Mind
Clipse - Untitled Album
Cam’ron – Killa Season
Nas – Untitled Album
AOTP – The Torture Papers
Camp Lo – Untitled Album
Immortal Technique – The Middle Passage
Busta Rhymes – The Big Bang
ODB – Untitled Album
Ghostface/Doom – Untitled Album
Raekwon – Cuban Linx 2

I’ve given up on some artists ever releasing an album (Apathy – Debut Solo, RZA – The Cure, ect). The annual Best and Worst in Hip Hop is coming soon!

Top Ten Anticipated Albums of 2005

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Ghostface Killah and MF Doom – Untitled Album
Juelz Santana – Untitled Album
Raekwon the Chef - Cuban Linx Part 2
Young Gunz – Untitled Album
AOTP – The Torture Papers
J-Zone and Celph Titled – Untitled Album
Nas – Untitled Album
RZA – The Cure (been on the list since 1997 :rolleyes)
DJ Muggs and GZA- Unititled Album
The Clipse – Hell Hath No Mercy

I’m kinda late this year with the list.


Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

I swear I have like 5 entries I’ve written but haven’t posted it. I guess I’ve just been stressed with school and busy with activities to release them without context. So since the last entry I’ve had been furiously working on an a CS assignment dealing with the antiquated language of SML . In the end we were only able to solve 3 out of 4 problems :dunno

So last friday I went to a friends cocktail party. The invitation said dress “formal” of course I went in a suit and tie. it happened was a bad idea in the sense of utility. Fortunately I got to tie up some loose ends with the chick I’ve been astranged with. Alcohol is always the crutch for normally timid girls. Anyways the nucleus of the night was the open bar which I took great advantage of. Yadda yadda yadda, I’m at my 27 year old female next neighbors house at 6 am. “Pretty extreme” as my friend Nasim coined…

Then just one of my friends from out of town came by unexpectedly with his friends. So that meant teh day consisted of playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 and making beats. I ended up selling my first beat to them. Interesting. Here’s a link to a crazy freestyle session we had.

Your Bitch is A Hoe?

Monday, February 14th, 2005

Essence Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for today’s African-American woman (now ironically owned by Whites :rolleyes) has a “Take Back The Music” campaign focusing on Hip Hop’s perception of Black Women as sexual objects basically.

I read the article and the supporting quotes from various people in the industry….as interesting it some of explainationas and

I just get tired of this empty rhetoric.

1. Women choose to be in those videos, bottomline. Art is imitating life,
there are actually women shakling it like this (I’ve seen it)

2. Nelly makes a valid point
3. Women of all races are exploited.
4. This is not unique to Hip Hop, John Mayer exploits the emotioons of teen girls

5. Goes both ways. Men are viewed as an ends to a mean, thus the cycle repeats
See Destiny’s Child’s “Solider”

6. Instead of attacking hip hop (this tactic is getting really old) be responsible for your kids if you are concerned that little Johnny is seeing adult women shake their shit

Mid Year Music update

Thursday, July 15th, 2004

A quick review of my most anticipated albums that have been released th s year thus far:

Ghostface Killah – Pretty Tony - 4/5—Solid yet boring
Method Man – Tical 0 - 3/5—Weak, commerical
MF Doom – Mmm Food4.25/5—Solid
Jadakiss – Kiss of Death3.5/5—Weak beats and concepts
Masta Killa – No Said Date4.25/5—Tight
7L & Esoteric – Bars of Death4/5—Solid

Top Ten Anticipated Albums of 2004

Thursday, February 5th, 2004

Ghostface Killah – Pretty Tony
Cam’ron – Purple Haze
Masta Killa - Untitled Album
7L & Esoteric – Bars of Death
MF Doom – Mmm Food
Apathy – Eastern Philosophy
Nas – Untitled Album
RZA – The Cure
Jadakiss - Unititled Album
Method Man – Tical 0