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Next Time I’ll Be Stealing The Bartenders Tips

Friday, August 26th, 2005


So I just got home and decided to make a new entry. Tonight was on some bullshit. I got kick out of a bar not for being drunk but for trying to convince the “bouncer” (a 5′5 woman) that my friend wasn’t too drunk to enter the bar. The bouncer got on some power trip and said I can’t come in, but actually let my friend in. At this point I plain and simply told her to “suck my dick” and I walked off.

This bar is without question the bar I frequent most. Was I being hardnosed? Stubborn? Was it that fact trhat I had one drink the entire night and am a lightweight? None of that matters. I have no regrets. The next time I walk in that bar I’ll look that bitch straight in the eyes without any hesitation.

What to do?

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

So I’m done with school in 4 days. I have been procrastinating for ages when it comes to looking for jobs. I guess the expectations upon me seem so overwhelming to be thinking about while I’m still in school. Moreover I have to be out of the apartment I’m staying at by the end of this month. Keep in mind I’ve made no attempt to look for a new place!

So what are my options?

Stay in town and look for a job remotely


Move to a new town and look for a job.

Sounds simple enough right? Then comes in the extrinsic aspects of my life such as current relationships and loose ends here in town that my emotions are addicted to. Supposedly 2 weeks from now I should know what I’m doing (hopefully).

I Can’t Go To Sleep

Monday, August 1st, 2005


The past 2 days have been so fucking routine. I wake up around 10 or 11 and do some shell programming then eat then debug C code some more. Then if I’m up for it I might actually leave my apartment for a moment to get Subway or Starbucks….This is all while listen to a random mix of mp3’s ranging from Brazilian music to Southern Hip Hop to obscure Japanese instrumental experimentation ish.

I don’t watch TV, so the internet is my entertainment. Bittorrents supplys me with all the subtitled anime I need. Online Hip Hop forums supply me with the latest leaked tracks. Maybe 300 years from now this will help some anthropologist understand a 22 year old non-white male from 2005 just as japanese poetry gave insight into the everyday lifes of Samurai warriors.

Then to make me more pessimistic about the future I ran across this website that talked about common interview questions for computer science undergrads. I looked over it and I ascertained that I knew a good portion of the answers granted time, but if you were to ask me on the spot I would probably have a hard time explaining it succinctly in a nerve racking interview situation….

All of a sudden I’m started to despise isolation that programming can bring about. One of my good friends whom was a computer science major briefly told me he quit just because of the antisocial affliction it brought about. When you think about it, it’s a very selfish act!

Consider that you are manipulating a computer to do exactly what you want it to do and nothing else! If one was to treat people that they would get the label of being insensitive to others opinions and thoughts. But hey, this is a science right? It’s supposed to be masculine!