I’m done with 2 of my 3. All I can say is that the length of my CS Final was quite outrageous :surprised. I don’t know my grade yet, but I’m sure I’ll need to take the option oral exam which my Professor so kindly offered us.

BTW I just found out I have 2 gigs of space webspace instead of 200mb. My incompetent host failed to update my account for the past several months.

Flickr Photo Gallery

3 Responses to “Ahhh….Finals”

  1. internuggler says:

    incompetent web hosts seems to be the trend lately…

  2. DNutz says:

    why are you using flickr when you’ve got your own little gallery set up here?

  3. Fenaxis says:

    I’m only using it for my cellphone pics right now. I need to revamp my gallery. Moreover Flickr has some nice features such as adding “notes” to pictures via Flash

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