Night Trap

This has been on my mind for months now. There’s no other way to release my pain and stress then talk about it…….I live in fear everyday because I live with a psycho voodoo bitch. Fuck it, I’m exposing her. This is much needed therapy for me,

I feel like I’m living in the video game night trap with I have a vicious female psychopath trying to attack me an every turn

I swear she has a voodoo doll and is trying to place a hex on me.

One time a few weeks ago I woke up to her standing right next to my bed staring at me, but then she just told me to move my car so she could get out. Can you feel me??

Maybe it’s me….but I can’t be sure. I seriously feel mental stress just living in the same house as her. Maybe I’m paranoid…I don’t know. But I do know that I can’t continue top live like this.

It wasn’t always like this. in fact out relationship was quite the opposite in the past. But then I couldn’t hand le teh constant yelling. Maybe I’m the weak one, I just didn’t grow up in any environment in which people yell at each other over little things.

This chick embellishes our brief relationship to mutual friends to make it seems that I like her (she gets off on the idea) *rollseyes*

Scandalous bitch…..fuckd her ex-boyfriends roommate while they were still “seeing ” each other and gloated about it to me. *ugh*

Then she tells me about how she never uses condoms (claims she can’t get pregnant due to some bizarre medical condition) and tried to force me to go down on her *vomit*

She is just plain evil. This bitch is a control freak.


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