Your Bitch is A Hoe?

Essence Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for today’s African-American woman (now ironically owned by Whites :rolleyes) has a “Take Back The Music” campaign focusing on Hip Hop’s perception of Black Women as sexual objects basically.

I read the article and the supporting quotes from various people in the industry….as interesting it some of explainationas and

I just get tired of this empty rhetoric.

1. Women choose to be in those videos, bottomline. Art is imitating life,
there are actually women shakling it like this (I’ve seen it)

2. Nelly makes a valid point
3. Women of all races are exploited.
4. This is not unique to Hip Hop, John Mayer exploits the emotioons of teen girls

5. Goes both ways. Men are viewed as an ends to a mean, thus the cycle repeats
See Destiny’s Child’s “Solider”

6. Instead of attacking hip hop (this tactic is getting really old) be responsible for your kids if you are concerned that little Johnny is seeing adult women shake their shit

I understand that as a women’s magazone you must defend women. It’s only right. However Hip Hop spawned from peopel talking about what they were seeing around themselves. If Black Women are being objectified it I doubt Hip Hop is teh cause of that. However it is easy to see how it could contribute to the perception.

The tone of the dirty dancing article sounds like an insecure female bitching that that girls in music videos’ look better than her. This is why the feminist movement is a fucking joke. Contrary to what some people wanty you to believe, some women like to show off thier bodies and take advantage of their assets. Why not question their motives instead blaming men. That’s the real heart of this “campaign”. It’s just bashing black men (aka hip hop).

Essence correlates black girls in poorer neighborhoods who watch hip hop music videos to having a 60% higher chance of contracting STD’s. That’s quite a gutsy claim. Of course casuality is not proven. There are many factors that could cause this, such as being a a poorer neighborhood where people aren’t as educated etc.

Girls have been shaking their shit since the beginning of time

So what does this mean? That efforts are being placed in the wrong area. Hip Hop is an easy target for anything. Fuck, peopel haev blamed Hip Hop for teh Kennedy assasination to the World Trade Ce

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