Word Association!

Just a quick update to start out Feburary. I’m the crazy mental patient and you’re Freud. I’m sure you get the idea. Feel free add a subject in the comments.

  • The Wu-Tang Manual :: a must for any Wu fan :smile
  • Anonymous Blogs :: my next venture :hsugh
  • Wireless Mp3 players :: watch Steve Jobs steal my idea :bling
  • Arsenal :: what happened? :ugh
  • “Mary Anne” :: no comment :tear
  • MySpace Stalkers :: “I saw you with headphones on at…” :whoad
  • Feb 14th :: how about this! :sleep
  • Sorority Girls :: just stop :vomit

3 Responses to “Word Association!”

  1. DNutz says:

    1. i’d say this blog is pretty anonymous.
    2. you have a sorority girl problem? sounds rough.
    3. wireless mp3 player == bluetooth headphones

  2. Fenaxis says:

    I mean wireless mp3 players in the sense that you can transfer songs between players. People can “broadcast” their mp3s for transfers with local or anonymous people.

    BTW there is no specific sorority girl problem, just a blanket notion based upon campus bars.

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