Jackie O?

So I’m working on an assignment for my Programming Concepts class and my next door neighbor from my apartment complex last year IM’s me. She is one fo those types of people who just starts AIM conversations to procrastinate from homework rescue her from boredom. Since it’s good to have some stimulation while coding I oblige.

Basically from my memories of living in my old apartment complex she is addicted to red wine and would often barge in to my apartment with dubious intentions when heavily inebriated.

I nicknamed her Jackie O because she always wears big thick ass black Sunglasses similar to the Notorious BIG and of course Jackie Onassis (former first lady)

Anyways she liked the nickname so much she refers to herself as Jackie now. (I’m such a trendsetter :wink)

So she takes this roleplaying to extreme lengths now. She called me John as in JFK (Jackie’s husband for the non-Westerners) and tries to seduce me via instant messenger!? What type of sadistic person does this? There’s one answer to that. An Attention Whore.

They comes in all shapes and sizes. Attempting to use their body or implied sexual advances to get what they want. But……….what do they want? Just the mental placebo of feeling as if you control someone? Sounds like a lot of effort for a minimal gain to me.

Sure there are male attention whores too. I don’t mean to bash women. However they are harder to spot. A guy who attempts to make himself look better at the expense of others is an attention whore. Or one who attempts to cockblock another is an attention whore. I don’t deal with that shit often so I won’t dive further into that aspect.

After my lengthy IM conversation I realized that she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between my responses and program that was instructed to return a supplicating response. Seriously think about that…..all of a sudden one realizes that the conversation was entirely inconsequential. This means that I could have acheived the same end result if I had put no effort in.

Effectively it is mental masturbation for her. Being the a supple young male, that doesn’t cut it for me. It’s a nice gesture when my focus is elsewhere (homework) but don’t I think to logical to get off on assuming emotions based that I someone I talk to via text message or instant message.

Anyways via this roleplaying she asks me (John) what I like about Jackie and what I would do to her. She starts telling me what she’s wearing I return the jab and just get to the point my telling her to just come over to my place. She hesitates of course and attempts in vain to act as if I’m out of line. Fuck this shit.

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