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Five updates in a month! Life really is interesting! Anyways this was a peculiar week.


Up until this week I’ve been pretty good about going to class. Unfortunately I have a tendency to skip classes when my CS assignments become too time consuming. My group had a week to do an assignment and we were working on until almost 10 pm on the day it was due! On top of that I only got 2 hours sleep the previous night because of the same assignment. Nevertheless we completed it. Procrastination at it’s best.

Besides missing 2 quizzes in non CS classes, I had to face a stark reality about my blog. Apparently my viewership is a lot wider than I thought :surprised. A problem arises when people who you actually know you stumble upon a your blog and read something that is too close too home and don’t understand the context. This disaster happened this past week, and it’s unfortunate.

Moreover this type of situation is something that could only happen in this Infomation Age. I feel like technology bit me in the ass. The funny thing is that I was just recently thinking that this would happen to somebody, but never me.

The only thing that calms me down is playing Capcom vs SNK 2 on my Dreamcast. And that is probably what I will be doing in between classes this week

So will I stumble during this 4th week or maintain my balance? Will she finally talk to me again or will I be forever exiled? Do I have a meth lab in my storage closet? Find out of the next episode of Root Beer Thoughts!

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