Can It Be That Is Was All So Simple?

This past month I was cleaning up a storage closet at my Father’s house and come across some interesting nostalgia. Though mostly video games and softcore images, it was a stark reminder of the previous decade.


Yes, that is what you think it is. An original copy of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, for my beloved Genesis console. This was before all the scandal, Michael would slide his way through smokey bars rescuing little girls yelping “Michael!”. The midi soundtrack recreation of his hits is superb. Classic MJ.


The game that started the 16 bit revolution. I believe the year was 1991. This game came with the original release of the Genesis system (hence, not for resale).. Although overlooked by many in favor of Mario, IMO Sonic is the better front man. Super Mario Bros. on SNES couldn’t touch this. Interestingly enough, I have the skills to program this game from the ground up right now, (minus the intricate graphics). So 15 years from now will CS seniors be able to program Halo 2?


Afterburner 2 and the best X-Men video game, second to the Arcade version. Rereleased in Japan recently the Afterburner 2 still proves to be groundbreaking. I’ve used to be into X-Men comics heavily, until the storylines got way too bizarre, and the graphic artists changed there style to appeal to the mass. I guess that is a trend in see in all forms of entertainment. BTW Gambit, is the best character in that game.


A 2GB Iomega Jaz Drive. A true piece of antiquated technology. Theses days I can fit 80 GB in the size of a credit card. Retailed for around $300 once first released.


I really don’t know how I got this. Note that this is Miss January 1988! 17 years ago. Some kid probably passed to me on the playground.


Well this is the full set, of what I found in the boxes, 88, 89, and 91. I don’t even remember owning this shit, oh well.

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