Four’s Company (Part 2)

So we meet again. This entry is Part 2 of my journey; the Definitive Guide To Multiple Female Roommates. Those who missed the first session of my lecture can catch up here. It’s been a struggle so far, but I’ve carried the cross and remained a man so you could afford have a better college experience! I feel my last entry was underwhelming by only sharing one rule with the masses. This time I have 2 BRAND NEW SPANKING COMMANDMENTS to deliver to you….my disciples.


Rule #2

” No Excuses”

I’ve never believed it when people say “it just happened” when referring to intimate experiences. I use the word ‘intimate’ broadly. Usually I hear girls use this pathetic excuse when talking about a drunk experiences they “regret”. As a male roommate who may be drunk in the vicinity of your drunk female roommates it is highly possible that something may occur. Accept it. People often use being drunk as an excuse for any type of behavior. Being drunk is NOT an excuse for willingly letting some dude fuck you without a condom on a handrail near the Mill Race River (yes, I know that disgusting person). Don’t fall victim to making excuses.

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