Unabashed or Unintentional?


Apparently the ad above outraged the some morally pretentious officials in New York. It is supposed to be an advertisment to encourage reading from the urban clothing company “Akademiks”.

Surely I would be the first to admit that “Getting Brain” is synomous with oral sex in the hip hop vernacular. Obviously Akamediks’ main clientele is is familiar with the phrase. The point is that Akademiks didn’t do anything different than what most most advertisers do. Open in Maxim and you will see ads that balance on the line of suggestion. Remember the Miller Lite “Twins” commericials? This just leads me to believe that the concern over the ad in question is just an attack on youth culture, Hip hop culture (once again), and “you know what” culture.

The past 15 or 20 years of youth bashing has great contributed to the apathy of young people on all fronts; from politics and voting to a general cynicism and distrust of anything “right wing”.

Granted the past election saw a 2% increase in youth voting (from 17 to 19), that was mostly due to an extreme and unapologic hatred towards G.W. Bush. Consequently causing the youth to vote for the non-Bush “John Kerry” despite his obvious fakeness. Oh how I tangent….


Getting back to the issue, do I think Akademiks was attacked because of their image as an “urban” company? Yes. Technically the add does promote reading, you read it, right? So what is there is a girl wearing Akademiks apparel? It’s their ad. Bill O’Rielly type people only seem to be offended. Speaking of that man allows me in lead to the underlying notion that this issue is simply discrimination.

We all know when the media says urban in a derogatory manner that means “minorities”. Since we all have been oversaturated with the likes of hypocrites like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (The Perm King) I won’t get into a useless rant on that.

So in the end what is a solution to the these attacks? Oversaturate the market with them aka the America Way. Any publicity is good publicity. This is probably the most attention Akademiks has ever received. Continue to do what you are doing and Americans will accept it. Pop culture has ADD.

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  1. DNutz says:

    good point, i especially like that last line.

  2. J-Unit says:

    I’ll especially like that chicks ass!

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