What’s Good?!

Wow, September is almost done with and Fall term starts in a few days. I guess it really wasn’t a summer for me. I just ended a compact 2 week class this last week to add 4 credits to my account. Besides that I haven’t hard too much time to relax. This term should be interesting due to a new living environment, new classes, new gadgets and new fees.

Outside of school this summer consisted of:

Drinking along the Western US
Learning Perl
A Pyramid Scheme
Tent Orgies in Florence (pics?)

How sad.

On another note, it seems this site as succumb to heavy U.S. government traffic from the likes of nipr.mil servers. This shady military entity now accounts for 25% of the traffic on this blog! Enquiring minds want to know, why?

Thanks to bit torrent technology I have acquired all 26 episodes of Cowboy Bebop. Morever I’ve picked up on this relatively new anime called Samurai Champloo, it’s a hip hop themed anime based in feudal Japan. Style is very reminiscent of Bebop.


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