Summer Begins

Or atleast post summer school summer. Anyways I can’t seem to break out of staying up until 6 am since the weekend before finals. It’s 8am and I’m still up! Well I did get something done, the PHOTOS section of the site is up and running.

Pretty much from now to October I’m going to be scheming and conniving to get the next big idea. Trust me, it will happen one way or another! Until then feast on the desktop.

2 Responses to “Summer Begins”

  1. DNutz says:

    ah yes, asianz. delicious…

    as far as your summer plans go, i’m in the same boat. i won’t give up until i’m sailing in my yacht with a bottle of crystal, a cuban, and 10 chicks at my side.

  2. Fenaxis says:

    A yacht with alcohol and chicks? Sounds like DNutz is gonna be Big Pimpin’