August Already?

Well the summer is mostly over and I have a week left of summer school. Would I suggest that this summer term has been a success? I suppose, except for the Math class I’m attempting to drop a week after the withdrawl deadline…. that shit had better work out. The real question is what have I learned?

The Python class I’m taking has been really cool. If I have to program anything I would want it to be in Python because it’s so fucking straightforward. You can check out my Wiki written in Python here

The System Administration class has been extremely informative and has definitely raised my interest in Linux and networking. Finally I can hack into computers like they do in the movies!!

The XML class that a hardly show up to is god awful. It’s wretched and tedious. I’ll leave that shit to nerds. Fortunately the assignments aren’t too time consuming.

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One Response to “August Already?”

  1. DNutz says:

    i don’t think i’d be able to get any computer science homework done with an ass like that staring at me.