Where have I been?

June 25th, 2006

Moved to Seattle.

Working .

Watching the World Cup most recently.

That’s been it. I’ve been hesitant to add new entries to the blog because at times I feel that not being in college give me less time to think about things. Moreover I don’t feel like logging what happens at work!

I registered a few new domains and have to squeeze in some dev time for those. Root Beer Thoughts is not dead!

I don’t pander to women

February 14th, 2006

[Young Jeezy]That’s riiiiiight![/Jeezy] Any male who is celebrating Valentines Day has abdicated any respect his signifcant other had for him. She may not show it but in the back of her mind she’s thinking your soft. I’m not saying no man should treat their girlfriend or wife but just realize that you’re succumbing to social pressure. I almost did it, but I had the self control!

I’m at work today wondering if I just “do something” for this girl I’m “seeing”. Seeing you say? I sleep over at her place but we still haven’t had sex. She invited me over for dinner and I returned the favor. I dunno want she wants. We talk on IM at work daily and I decide to set the bait and she how she reacts. My astute conculsion at by the end of the work day was to cease communication with her. Indefinitely. Unless she contacts me of course.

Since I’m working ~40 hours weeks I’m not in a position to juggle women (during the week) as much as I did just months ago. I’m not opposed to the idea of being with one girl, in fact it would make my life much easier. I would most likely be a happier person and be more sucessful at work.

Unfortunately I know it would be a farce. I would think I’m lying to myself. There is so much opportunity at this point in my life and I’m wasting it with a girl I most likely will not marry. I see this dudes with their girlfriend and feel likfe I can see right through that bravado of their perfect relationship.

I’m not one to dwell on other peoples decisions in their own lives, but I can’t let that be me. I’ve lost count of how many women I’ve been with and that tells me something. I do feel like I’ve gained a great understanding of women but maybe it’s too good. I’ve become extremely cynical! That’s how I justify dating multiple women at once and not telling them about each other. Might as well strike first right?

2005’s Best and Worst Hip Hop Albums

January 6th, 2006

The Shortlist:

Beanie Sigel – The B. Coming

Though not the most amazing, Beanie brought consistency through this very solid effort. Stand out tracks include the Just Blaze produced “Bread and Butter” along with the bangin “Flatline” feature Peedi Crakk.

DJ Muggs vs GZA – Grandmasters

As predicted GZA and Muggs did not disappoint. Though sort of a throwback early 90’s themed album, you can’t deny strong lyrics over familiar drum breaks.

Young Jeezy – Thug Motivation 101

I had never heard of Jeezy until a few months ago. Even then I still didn’t get it. It wasn’t until the 2nd time I d/led the album that it grew on me. Thug Motivation is the best album from the South since Stankonia. To understand Jeezy you got take a paradigm shift into the life of a motivated crack dealer. Sure he isn’t the most lyrical, or posesses the most diverse flow but he does the best with what he has. Catchy lyrics and great beats equal quality music. That’s music is what this is about.

Slim Thug – Already Platinum

When you get a bunch of production from the Neptunes your album has to be listenable. Surprisingly I’m respecting southern music for the music (not necessary lyrics) more and more.

The Game – The Documentary

“How We Do (Fresh 83′)” Has to be one of the best singles in years. The album was surprisingly consistent. The production was very professional courtesy of Dr. Dre executive producing it. My only problem was Game and his Tourettes’ like name dropping.

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December 30th, 2005

End of the year huh? I really don’t live me life by years. This is just another week. I’m moving for the 3rd time in the past 6 months. This time further North to Seattle. I guess the grad motivation actually worked and I got a job. Thank You Jeezy. Now i can get the big bucks right?

I just upgraded to Wordpress 2.0 and so far I have to say I don’t like it. The admin menu is ugly as hell. They should have stuck with the previous CSS. That brings me to me next endeavour. Intellectual Beasts, a collobrative blog that you can expect 1st quarter 2006.

I hope to be able to release some tracks from the long awaited Indie Project featuring a handfull of MC’s I’ve been working with for years. About 10 tracks have been recorded but most still need polishing. I may release a track or 2 in the coming month. Here is a snippet (save target or link as) of an unmixed track that was recorded about a month ago.

BTW Cake-o-holic is a neologism that Dame Dash invented to refer to himself. In his words it means “being addicted to getting money”. This is still no excuse for these old man glasses he is wearing at the tender age of 34!

Dame Dash

Coming soon as well should be my annual Best and Worst of 2006 in Hip Hop. Maybe some New Years pics as well.

Dec 30

Current Desktop

Most Anticipated Albums of 2006

December 22nd, 2005

Pharrell - In My Mind
Clipse - Untitled Album
Cam’ron – Killa Season
Nas – Untitled Album
AOTP – The Torture Papers
Camp Lo – Untitled Album
Immortal Technique – The Middle Passage
Busta Rhymes – The Big Bang
ODB – Untitled Album
Ghostface/Doom – Untitled Album
Raekwon – Cuban Linx 2

I’ve given up on some artists ever releasing an album (Apathy – Debut Solo, RZA – The Cure, ect). The annual Best and Worst in Hip Hop is coming soon!

Grad Motivation 101

November 23rd, 2005

“I see opportunity, I’m an opportunist!” – Young Jeezy

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’ve been sharping my skills looking for jobs. The reality of the matter is much different than the perception you get while you’re still in school. A few things I’ve learned:

Jump on EVERY opportunity of interest you get from an employer

    I’ve had some really great company email me saying they wanted to interview, but I played it like a girl and waited a day to return their email because I was indecisive about working for them. Once I emailed them, they never responded. Moreover remember recruiters aren’t your friends. Don’t slack.

Be selective

    Most companies that advertise positions for new grad most likely just want work horses for their mismanaged and overscheduled projects. I saw an Amazon listing that wanted new grads for a non-paid (the fuck!?) “internship” position. Amazon is notorious for imposing sweatshop conditions on young programmers.

Prepare, prepare

    There is nothing wrong with having prepared answers to expected non-technical questions in your notes. Think before you speak, immediately answering nebulous ( if you could be an animal, which one would you choose?) questions shows a lack of thought.

Other then that I’ve been living life as usual. Here are some pics….

Football Games

Halloween Raves

My new home?

Grabbin tits

Drunk outside of Indigo

Randomly hanging out with alumni
“I’m the snowman, plus I got that snow, man!” – Young Jeezy

Information Graveyard?

September 16th, 2005


I haven’t bought an album in almost 2 years. Fortunately after listening to the new DJ Muggs vs GZA advance I’m beginning to have a reason to support an artist. The real point I’m raising is that yes, I pirate heavily. I haven’t bought software this century. Consequently I have hard disk space that is always being consumed. Unfortunately the day will come when your hard drive fails and you lose everything. Besides personal files that are irreplacable, almost every mp3 and program one has is “backed up” on the net. I find this really amazing. Basically most of my AIM contacts that I have built up over the years via forums have the same music tastes as me and we swap files regularly. This is the unintentional “back up” that is occuring.

Think about this on a larger scale. You have a system were if one fails the others compensate. No, I’m not talking about capitalism…The internet is still relatively small compared to what it could be if Comcast and Verizon didn’t have there own agendas. Imagine an internet that is so ubiquitous, so omnipresent that the idea that everyone has to have their own personal computer is thrown out the window. All that matter really are your own unique files such as written reports, personally composed music, tax data, etc. Everything else should be seen as a commodity. Applications and MP3 are widespread already.

I should be able to go to any computer in the world, log on and have the desktop be my own familiar custom entity. In this age of materialism people thing individually too much when it computers to technology. I don’t need my own personal Dell Laptop or my own Ipod that has some sentimental value to it. All that matters is the information!

A metaphor that just occured to me is that the material hardware can me seen as the body and the software/files is the soul. This should apply since people are comfortable with the idea of only one soul but many bodies.

It would seem these scenario would be the next logical step in the internet. Once every piece of autonomous and non-autonomous hardware can have it’s own ip address the data will just flow. The internet will finally be able to reach its potential true potential!

Right now most peopel just use the internet for trivial things in all honesty. They aren’t really helping society as a whole. I’m not saying it’s anyones obligation though. There is just some much that can be done if. Imagine if every CPU in every piece of hardware was being utilized when normally in idle states. The internet allows this is small versions such as the SETI project, but a worldwide collective processing could have unthinkable possiblities!

Perhaps I’ve been watching to much anime and secretly want the world to look like a scene out of Ghost In The Shell. But hey when there’s a will, there’s a way…..OKAY?

Bizarro World

September 1st, 2005

Great, so the power supply on my almighty Dell burns out and my 200 gigs of music and anime are not accessible at the moment. Time for a new computer. Anyways I finished my research for my professor and am officially done with my undergraduate career. I’m pretty sure I’m leaving this pathetic college town. Most of my friends are gone and taking a 10 to 15K pay cut by staying here isn’t what I want. Moreover I’ve noticed a few things this summer:


I’m getting tired of this group of friends I’ve been hanging out with this summer. I’ve been friends with most of them since I was a freshman but was able to limit my time with them. I don’t even like being in big groups; it perpetuates whole leader and follower model. For instance if you are in a group of 7 guys there are usually one or two who will follow the the defacto “leader” or leaders (usually no more than one third of the group). The mindless drones who have the need to be surrounded by their friends (aka
no matter how small the task. In my mind this behavior is feminine and it makes it hard for me to respect you as a man.

“I always wanted to do something that would change the world”

To paraphrase a popular quote from a young Steve Jobs. Immediate post-college life (at least for science majors) has much more pressure than school ever did. All this year I avoided confrontation with a serious job search. Iwas ignorant to the process of hiring when it comes to tech jobs. What I’ve quickly learned is that the real world is quite cut throat. You have companies hiring new grads based upon brain-teasers and monolithic standards of what the industry deems “intelligent”. This is actually an advantage for some one like myself who is not a Dean’s List member. On the other hand you realize that most things that matter to a hiring supervisor, you weren’t taught in school. That makes it easier to fuck up, if you’re not careful.

The Thrill Is Gone

The thrill of college life partying is done. Now the only way I can seem to get excited is seeing new faces and new places. This of course means more expensive bars and clubs. Implying the “big city” LOL. I was never much of a hardcore partier in school; I don’t like beer, and only really began drinking to calm my nerves in social situations. That’s changed though.

I see these people around me trapped in this college mentality of going out and getting “WASTED” because it’s so “EXTREME!”. Much like their “extreme” antagonist counterparts in “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”. Case in point. Today my school just won it’s football season opener. I’m getting some coffee like an hour ago and a Jeep rolls by with 4 drunk fools screaming “GO DUCKS MOTHERFUCKER!” I had to ask myself, what was the point of that?

Women are still frivolous

I try every day, not to look at women like objects. I try and I try and I try to make an effort to see them more as respectable people with good intentions. But it seems girls I encounter continue to ruin for women as a whole. I’ll save the meat of this for an upcoming next post.

Next Time I’ll Be Stealing The Bartenders Tips

August 26th, 2005


So I just got home and decided to make a new entry. Tonight was on some bullshit. I got kick out of a bar not for being drunk but for trying to convince the “bouncer” (a 5′5 woman) that my friend wasn’t too drunk to enter the bar. The bouncer got on some power trip and said I can’t come in, but actually let my friend in. At this point I plain and simply told her to “suck my dick” and I walked off.

This bar is without question the bar I frequent most. Was I being hardnosed? Stubborn? Was it that fact trhat I had one drink the entire night and am a lightweight? None of that matters. I have no regrets. The next time I walk in that bar I’ll look that bitch straight in the eyes without any hesitation.

What to do?

August 9th, 2005

So I’m done with school in 4 days. I have been procrastinating for ages when it comes to looking for jobs. I guess the expectations upon me seem so overwhelming to be thinking about while I’m still in school. Moreover I have to be out of the apartment I’m staying at by the end of this month. Keep in mind I’ve made no attempt to look for a new place!

So what are my options?

Stay in town and look for a job remotely


Move to a new town and look for a job.

Sounds simple enough right? Then comes in the extrinsic aspects of my life such as current relationships and loose ends here in town that my emotions are addicted to. Supposedly 2 weeks from now I should know what I’m doing (hopefully).